‘Uncover’ is a visual research about how an interaction between two people can be visually designed.  

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Motion design

The project process consisted of two stages, a research and design phase. In the research phase, attention was focused on the experience and process of a conversation, and how the information is generated and exchanged between two people.

The design reflects the research in a way where an interaction has to be made in order to (visually) get to know more about the person. By at first glance blocking the person’s face, the user is provoked to make a connection through the erasing of the blockage. In this erasing, not only the face is slowly being revealed, but also personal narrative.

The result is a interactive experience, where the process of getting to know someone a little bit better can be experienced in a different way. In making this interaction visually apparent and also the focus of the design, attention is brought to the experience and information processing of human interaction.

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