To Dress Up 
Graduation project/ 


‘To Dress Up’ is a twenty minute documentary exploring notions on identity and what that could mean by approaching three different subjects with varying experiences regarding their identity, without showing their faces.

In navigating these experiences, thoughts and questions, a visual journey is made into notions of the body, gender, normalcy, otherness and senses of self, reflecting on personal connections through ordinary objects, which embody these experiences in some way or another.

‘To Dress Up’ has been selected for publications such as Metropolis M Magazine and Dd Yearbook, initiated by the BNO as part of a selection of the 21 best graduation projects of 2021. The documentary is also set to be exhibited at media art festival LUNA in Leeuwarden in 2022.

Motion design    Cinematography    Sound design    Sculpture   Art direction   Type design   

A moving poster accompanies the work as an eyecatcher and introduces the documentary. Custom (3D) motion and type reflect the rhythm and movement of the scenes in the film, interchanging between different shapes resembling the openings of piping bag nozzles, symbolizing the heart element of the type and the ceramic sculptures shown and visualizing what an act of ‘dressing up’ actually could entail and mean.

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