Limonade is a fictional dating app proposal where the visual identity is focused on the experience of losing yourself in each others’ conversations while enjoying a beverage.

Motion    Photography   Print   Visual identity

Contemporary and experience were integral themes of importance in the articulating of a meaningful concept that celebrates dating and its possibilities.

A colorful, striking and engaging visual story propelled the vision in creating the identity. The logo resembles a glass that’s more than half-full, resembling a positive and open attitude, ready for new stories and meaningful connections to be established. The photography visualizes a dazzling experience that can be sparked through meaningful conversations with others. By making sure the app promotion would stand out it a distinctive way, a playful approach to the design process and photography was an imperative part of creating the identity.

The result is a visual campaign that stands out in its authentic and modern approach to the visualizing of a product that celebrates meeting new people and new experiences.

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