Indoor Green
Book design


(re)Design proposal for the book Indoor Green: Living With Plants.

“For centuries, plants have transformed interiors, and today plant-filled homes are filling up our Instagram feeds. With Indoor Green, author and retailer Bree Claffey explores the interior worlds of fellow plant lovers and the enduring attraction of houseplants.”

Print   Editorial design   Illustration

The book shows insight into multiple households where plants and their owners live together in a symbiotic way. With this symbiose in mind, two themes come forward: organic and non-organic. Plants and architecture. How would these two different realms strengthen each others’ properties?

For the cover of the book it was important to encapsulate an essence that is found throughout the different stories and photographs. The contrast between the organic leave shapes of plants combined with the the architecture that construct living spaces where the plants are placed in results in, results in a visual where the best of both worlds comes forward. The essence becomes clear, as plants enrich not only the experience of people, they enrich living spaces.

The result is a cover that not only encapsulates the essence and the book. It is in itself an impactful object, a folded typographical poster, revealing the full name of the book when fully unfolded.

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